The CubanEight Water Cooler – March 2014

The CubanEight Water Cooler – March 2014   This month we’ve collated a few highlights of our favourite campaigns. From Lego avatars to phenomenal fundraising, March madness has clearly given birth to creativity! Why did the #nomakeupselfie campaign work so well? Firstly, let’s remember that this wasn’t even Cancer Research’s own campaign. It was an […]

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This week our client Outbrain sponsored the meet up. It was a fun night starting off at platform 9&3/4 at Kings Cross Station – which will make a lot of sense to those Harry Potter fans, hence the disappearing trolley.  Then we moved up to the Parcel Yard Loft Bar in the station.    […]

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Our favourite PR – February 2014

Thanks to the digitalisation of the media landscape, the ways in which brands steer their message is more varied than ever. This is the first in a new series on the CubanEight blog, where each month we’ll collate highlights of our favourite PR examples – simple and creative, innovative, impressive and thought-provoking. The media’s reaction […]

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When a feminist issue became a commercial issue – how leaving women out of the tech is not just patronising, but bad business sense!

If you’re already in the tech industry, the subject of “women in tech” is undoubtedly a familiar one. The existence of such a phrase incites reactions similar to the phrase “women in business”, with a divide between those that resent the need for this sub group, and those that champion the spotlighting of a niche […]

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The power of blogging as an authentic evaluation of your brand

Following on from Kate’s recent blog “Storm in an E-cup: the impact of social media’s ability to speak truth to power”, which talked about the power of social media in orating the public’s outrage towards a brand, I wanted to explore how blogs have become so powerful and why people listen to what bloggers have […]

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Storm in an E-cup: the impact of social media’s ability to speak truth to power

Social Media is fast becoming a force for highlighting injustice and bringing thoughtless prejudice into the public eye. The latest example of this was writ large this week as Asda and Tesco were forced to apologise and remove products from the shelves that played on common stereotypes of mental illness for Halloween costumes. The supermarkets […]

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Online Anonymity – balancing online freedom and etiquette for both business and social

With the rise in internet trolls and cyber-bullying it seems increasingly clear that people don’t behave online as they would do in the “real world”. Naturally, we adapt our language when writing to audiences on different online platforms, but it’s the disproportionate and contentious reactions from the online community to apparently inoffensive statements that have […]

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