Creating a smart home in the Oxfordshire countryside

My colleagues in the office all know I love buying the latest gadget! For me, technology is a great way to make my life easier. In the past, adopting new technology hasn’t been too easy. Living in a rental property meant that making changes to the property could be difficult, if not impossible! Fortunately in […]

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You may have noticed that this week many brands, signs and shop-fronts are missing their As, Bs and Os in their brand name. Initially our inner grammar fiend wanted to correct what looked like some obvious typos! However behind the intriguing visuals is a campaign from NHS Blood and Transplant. The campaign asks brands and […]

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Taking on the travelator at Rough Runner 2016

On Saturday morning the CubanEight team were up bright and early to take on Rough Runner 2016 at the Great Tew Estate in Oxfordshire. With our CubanEight t-shirts and sweatbands at the ready we threw ourselves down zip lines, took on newton’s cradle and were swept off our feet and that’s before we made it […]

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Life after University

Last week I was invited back to my university to speak to students and graduates about life after university. In many ways it seems like five minutes ago since I threw my graduation cap in the air at a sunny ceremony at Swansea Metropolitan University (yes, there really was sun in Wales!). On the other […]

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Andy Warhol

CubanEight Culture

Interesting to see this round-up of best global exhibitions for 2016 from WGSN to whet our cultural appetites (  In Oxford at the moment is the Andy Warhol exhibition at The Ashmolean (  The team are are planning a trip to the Warhol Lates session.

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RR Travelator

New Year, New us!

With January upon us, it’s that time of year when we think about New Year’s resolutions. This year 13 of us have decided to tackle an epic 10k obstacle, the Rough Runner. Yes that’s right, we couldn’t just take on a run, we wanted obstacles and 15 of them including swept off your feet, fearless […]

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London Film Museum

Viva the Raveolution!

Reading the national newspapers daily we often see customer service hitting the headlines for all the wrong reasons – poor service, lack of communication, ignoring customer feedback. However in the 24/7 social media driven world that we live in, businesses are realising how important great customer engagement is to the success of their businesses. This […]

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Raving about National Customer Service Week

This week has seen an initiative run by the Institute of Customer Service (ICS) – National Customer Service Week. The aim of the week is to raise awareness of customer service and the vital role it plays in successful business practice. At CubanEight, we work with several brands in the customer service space. One of […]

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