What Kids Are Reading press launch

We’ve had an incredible week in the CubanEight office, securing great coverage in not one, not two but four national newspapers for our education client Renaissance Learning, and coverage on the front page of The Guardian to boot. Renaissance Learning’s annual What Kids Are Reading report is the largest annual study of its kind, looking […]

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Meeting Mikkel: Lessons from Startupland

Entrepreneurship is a hot topic, and Zendesk founder Mikkel Svane has written a personal account of his and his fellow founders’ journey from a loft in Copenhagen to running a billion dollar organisation headquartered in Silicon Valley and going public on the New York Stock Exchange. Zendesk is a CubanEight client and when we knew […]

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The CubanEight Water Cooler – August 2014

Our Favourite PR Examples of the Month From toys to tech and the charitable response to neknominating, this summer we’ve had a huge range of ideas that took the limelight. Lego’s new Female Scientists and an end to #PinkItShrinkIt   The “Research Institute”, a new female scientist set is the result of a successful pitch […]

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The CubanEight Water Cooler – June 2014

Our Favourite PR Examples of the Month From creative and simple to clever cross-channel content creation, this month’s highlights are impressive. World Cup Octopus Stunt or not a stunt, this giant octopus breaking down in Oxford Circus received a wildfire of social media attention: Assertions point to the likeness of Paul the Octopus, the under-water […]

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The CubanEight Water Cooler- May 2014

Our Favourite PR Examples of the Month May has been a great month for creativity across all media channels and making. What’s interesting in these examples is the simplicity behind the idea; it’s their relevance to the brand and their audiences which helped to really amplify these campaigns. Japanese bar “frames and shames” sleeping drunks […]

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The CubanEight Water Cooler – March 2014

The CubanEight Water Cooler – March 2014   This month we’ve collated a few highlights of our favourite campaigns. From Lego avatars to phenomenal fundraising, March madness has clearly given birth to creativity! Why did the #nomakeupselfie campaign work so well? Firstly, let’s remember that this wasn’t even Cancer Research’s own campaign. It was an […]

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