Everyday Sexism at the Olympics

While Olympic fever might not have reached the giddy heights of London 2012 in the UK, Team GB’s incredible performance and medal tally has yet again struck a chord. We’ve seen wall-to-wall press coverage over the last few weeks, with almost daily front-page updates about our latest achievements and medal haul. But behind the good […]

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You may have noticed that this week many brands, signs and shop-fronts are missing their As, Bs and Os in their brand name. Initially our inner grammar fiend wanted to correct what looked like some obvious typos! However behind the intriguing visuals is a campaign from NHS Blood and Transplant. The campaign asks brands and […]

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Small business masterclass at Google HQ

Last week we took the opportunity to attend a “Small business masterclass: How to get your brand in the media” workshop, held at Google’s London HQ. Organised by Rebecca Burn-Callander, enterprise editor at the Daily Telegraph, the aim of the event was to give PR’s, business owners and startups the chance to work closely with […]

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Taylor Swift PR

The PR genius of Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is arguably the most powerful superstar on the planet right now. With over 60 million Twitter followers at her command (a quick Google search reveals that these are called, wait for it, ‘Swifties’ – genius); the fastest selling album in over a century (despite being purposely pulled from major streaming services), and the […]

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What Kids Are Reading press launch

We’ve had an incredible week in the CubanEight office, securing great coverage in not one, not two but four national newspapers for our education client Renaissance Learning, and coverage on the front page of The Guardian to boot. Renaissance Learning’s annual What Kids Are Reading report is the largest annual study of its kind, looking […]

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What Makes a Person Skilled at Media Relations?

Recently, I was asked the question: What makes a person skilled at media relations? And it got me thinking. The obvious answer of course is probably somewhere along the lines of ‘building relationships with journalists’ and having ‘the ability to effectively communicate a story’. But I think it’s much more than that. PRs can already […]

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An eventful day

Events play a really important role in many of our campaigns. We kicked off yesterday morning with a PR roundtable with our client Outbrain – the topic of the discussion was is paid media is as valuable as earned media in today’s PR world? Or are we as PR agencies slow to realise and understand […]

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The CubanEight Water Cooler – August 2014

Our Favourite PR Examples of the Month From toys to tech and the charitable response to neknominating, this summer we’ve had a huge range of ideas that took the limelight. Lego’s new Female Scientists and an end to #PinkItShrinkIt   The “Research Institute”, a new female scientist set is the result of a successful pitch […]

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The CubanEight Water Cooler – June 2014

Our Favourite PR Examples of the Month From creative and simple to clever cross-channel content creation, this month’s highlights are impressive. World Cup Octopus Stunt or not a stunt, this giant octopus breaking down in Oxford Circus received a wildfire of social media attention: Assertions point to the likeness of Paul the Octopus, the under-water […]

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