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Rising to today’s cyber security challenges

The government “needs to raise its game” on cyber security, according to a new report published by the Public Accounts Committee this month. It’s the latest in a string of noteworthy announcements made in the few short weeks since the start of the New Year about the increasing need to bolster our defences against these […]

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C8 14

CubanEight named as a Top 20 UK B2B PR agency

Celebrations at CubanEight HQ as we have found out today that we have been ranked 14 in the Top UK B2B PR agencies by B2B Marketing. Creating campaigns which set our clients apart in their marketplace, as well as direct engagement and talking points to open doors to their business customers is a real strength […]

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Creating a smart home in the Oxfordshire countryside

My colleagues in the office all know I love buying the latest gadget! For me, technology is a great way to make my life easier. In the past, adopting new technology hasn’t been too easy. Living in a rental property meant that making changes to the property could be difficult, if not impossible! Fortunately in […]

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Reality II: In pursuit of happiness

A lively panel discussion kicked off the second half of the Reality event with Steve Kemish, MD of Junction, managing the discussion. Gemma Davies from Apptus, Jack Collier from Circle, and CubanEight’s MD Sian Gaskell, joined the two previous speakers on the panel – Christopher Baldwin and Graham Wylie. The topic of how to get […]

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alice linkedin

New grad alert at CubanEight!

It has been just over seven weeks since I began my career in PR here at CubanEight and what a seven weeks it has been! I recently completed my degree in Communication, Media and Culture at Oxford Brookes University, while also gaining valuable first-hand work experience in PR and communication agencies. Bringing together the knowledge […]

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Everyday Sexism at the Olympics

While Olympic fever might not have reached the giddy heights of London 2012 in the UK, Team GB’s incredible performance and medal tally has yet again struck a chord. We’ve seen wall-to-wall press coverage over the last few weeks, with almost daily front-page updates about our latest achievements and medal haul. But behind the good […]

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You may have noticed that this week many brands, signs and shop-fronts are missing their As, Bs and Os in their brand name. Initially our inner grammar fiend wanted to correct what looked like some obvious typos! However behind the intriguing visuals is a campaign from NHS Blood and Transplant. The campaign asks brands and […]

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Shaking up a storm

Last week, the CubanEight team ventured into sunny  Oxford to shake up some cocktails for our annual summer outing. To celebrate another fantastic year we hit the bar at Raoul’s to try our hand at cocktail making -serving up everything from a fruity Very Berry Jerry to the classic Cosmo. After delicious cocktails were shaken, […]

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National Book Lovers Day

We love a good read, us PRs. It’s only natural that in an industry where we immerse ourselves in broadsheets, tabloids and magazines, we never lose our love of books. They can scare us, excite and stir emotion. Today is National Book Lovers Day and in celebration, The Metro has compiled the top 100 books […]

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Are we looking for a better Tech-Life balance?

According to the latest Ofcom report, Britons now spend more than 24 hours each week online and more than half of all internet users say they are addicted to surfing the web. In an attempt to curb this addiction, a third of people claim they have undertaken a “digital detox”. Interested by these findings, I […]

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