20th November 2019

4 success factors for delivering on a PR project brief

Project and campaign briefs are becoming more and more common. With tighter budgets, comms managers are looking at ways to maximise their input. In this blog post, we will delve into the secret of how we successfully deliver on a PR project brief here at CubanEight.

  1. Agree goals from the outset and define what success will look like

It’s important to start with a big-picture goal when tackling a brief. We always ask the prospective client what they hope to achieve with the project. Are they looking to reach a new audience? Is it about demand generation? Do they want to increase brand awareness? Once we’ve agreed on the above, we then agree with the client what success will look like and how we can make the most impact given the allocated time and budget.

Earlier this year we started working with leading influencer marketing platform CreatorIQ who appointed us on a project basis to generate coverage around the company’s latest fundraising round. Before getting started we had an alignment meeting with the client to ensure we understood what they were hoping to achieve from the announcement and the key media they wanted to appear in. By agreeing this upfront we had a focused metric to measure our success by.

  1. Achieving media cut-through – finding the creative angle

With a project the pressure is on to deliver results for the client and often within a short space of time.  Therefore, nailing the angle for the story, be it a launch, event or news announcement. is crucial. With the CreatorIQ funding announcement project, we built the story around how Unilever’s investment in the CreatorIQ platform, came 12 months after its former CMO Keith Weed called for urgent action within the influencer marketing industry to tackle the follower fraud epidemic. As Creator IQ’s tech helps brands to identify fake followers, this immediately grabbed the media’s attention and resulted in widespread coverage for the announcement.

  1. Go above and beyond

. With the work we did for CreatorIQ, not only did we meet our media coverage goals and secure a strong level of news coverage but it also generated media interest in CreatorIQ as a business, and what they thought about the marketplace – subsequently securing  profile and thought leadership opportunities to increase their profile in the market. This demonstrated our capabilities beyond the original brief.

  1. Showcasing the results

As an agency we always invest significant time and effort into reporting and the campaign evaluation report.  We view this as our chance to demonstrate the great work we’ve done and the impact we’ve made to a client’s businesses. Whether it’s digital and data-driven or based on qualitative insight, as a partner and consultant to our clients, we design an integrated approach to reporting – one that truly demonstrates ROI across earned, owned and paid channels. As a result of our work, clients have converted leads, increased their customer base, won industry awards and achieved their exit strategies.