18th May 2015

50 years celebrating the Direct Selling Association!

One of the clients we work with is the Direct Selling Association, the trade body for direct selling in the UK with member companies like Avon, Neal’s Yard and Herbalife. Each year the DSA holds a conference to bring all of its members together, celebrate past success and share plans for the future. This was my first time at the DSA conference and this year it was very special as the DSA is celebrating its 50th anniversary.

The conference included a talk from Lynda Mills, Director General of the DSA and who spoke about the latest members joining the DSA, prospective members coming on board, and the vision for the future of the DSA. Plans for next year include collaboration with the Young Enterprise scheme which could be a fantastic way of engaging with the next generation of direct sellers, showing them how it can be a great career option.

We also had a very interesting talk from Magnus Lindkvist, a Swedishtrend spotter and futurologist. His talk was about how to think ahead, to think outside of the box and how we must create new ideas to stay ahead. It was a very insightful and interesting talk about how all the member companies can invent new ideas to shape the future of the industry.

After the conference Annabel, Mary and I all dusted off our peace signs and platform boots and enjoyed the evening of 60’s dancing – all themed around 1965, the year the DSA started! It was a great conference and we’re all looking forward to see what this year holds for the DSA and what next year’s conference will bring.

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