14th February 2019

A day in the life – Emma Allsebrook, Senior Account Manager

I will never forget my first agency interview. I was abruptly told that PR wasn’t all about boozy lunches, late night schmoozing and glamorous award dos – thank god for that I thought, because what I’m actually looking for is an incredibly varied, creative and challenging position where I can strive to deliver exceptional results for my clients. And the rest, as they say, is history.

06:30 I wake up at the same time every day – apparently a strict routine helps quality of sleep – open the Apple news app, skim what’s going on out there and check-in on industry news. We have five coffee machines in the house – excessive, I know – but I’m part of a demanding generation that likes to have options, you know? ?

08:30 Emails, Slacks, Whats’apps checked and diary up-to-date, I delve head first into the news agenda. Nothing breaking to react to, but news of a product launch in the tech industry has sparked an idea for a client. I gather the team and we bounce ideas on how to cease the opportunity.

09:15 I jump on a conference call for an event I’m project managing – coffee in hand. Recommendations on media, videographer and delegate takeaway approved. Ready to brief the team and accelerate this one forward.

10:30 Just realised someone’s brought a cake in to the office. Fatal. I’m straight down there cutting myself a pretty big slice when the Guardian calls and asks for comment from a client with a 1-hour turnaround. I Skype the client in Europe to give her the heads up that it’s coming over for approval and crack-on with the draft. It may be the punchiest comment I’ve written.

12:00 Headphones in, I’ve blocked out two-hours to content writing – one byline for a biz-tech publication putting our client at the forefront of industry conversation, one comment request from Raconteur and a head-start on the event script.

12:15 Phone rings, I have an impromptu call with a client. It’s a blessing in disguise – we debrief on a board meeting they’ve had, it sparks campaign ideas, headlines and creative and we debrief on the highlights of the week.

14:00 Late lunch. I’ve missed the little food van – and the opportunity to sneak a sausage roll – so I pop out to Bicester Village.

15:00 The team tells me they’ve secured 17, yup, 17 pieces of coverage in one morning from a quirky data story sell-in, 10 with follow links back to the client’s website. We draft an update email to the client like out of control puppies – turns out they are just as pleased as we are.

16:15 Forecasting meeting with the senior team – we bring chocolate bourbons for back-up.

17:00 I jump back to the copy I drafted earlier and proof. I tighten up the copy, amend my call to action so readers won’t be able to resist clicking through and file. I’m thinking the last half an hour requires a power playlist, so I flick the switch on Room 2: Urban Classics on Spotify. Jonathan doesn’t look best pleased, but I see him bopping along.

17:30 I’ve booked on to an Arial Yoga class so I quick change and I’m out. FYI: I’ve been twice and I think I’m Concorde – I’m not. Must remember to pack an overnight bag when I get back, turns out glamorous award dos are part of the package and we’re up for one tomorrow night.