17th April 2012

A day in the life of

Siobhan Eyres, Account Executive

9.00am – The first thing I do every morning after a quick check of emails is look through the national papers with the rest of the team. It is not only important to maintain a wider understanding of the industries our clients are operating in, but it also allows me to keep up to date with what journalists are writing about, the issues and trends.

9.30am – The next job of the day is to collate a news round-up for specific clients. This is a summary of the last 24 hours’ media coverage, plus any news that we have spotted that morning which is relevant to that client. I also manage the press cuttings for CubanEight – you may have recently seen our great First Utility campaign in PR Week!

10am – After catching up with the team on specific news and plans for the day, a typical morning might involve contacting or following up with media contacts regarding a client announcement or briefing.

12.30pm – Lunch – I try and grab some fresh air and go for a quick walk, but otherwise I’ll check out social media channels and catch up on the latest online news.

1.30pm – In the afternoon I tend to research potential features, speaking and award opportunities as well as working on things like client & media briefing documents, as well as updating media lists with new contacts.

4.30pm – Towards the end of the day tends to be when thoughts turn to reporting and thinking ahead to the next day’s plans. A key part of my planning work is focused on managing international agencies and their activities, whether they are in America or Australia, so although it might be the end of my day, it’s always the start of another person I may be dealing with!

17th April 2012