30th July 2013

Beyond PR….why events work

Art of storytellingThe creation of great content and media relations have long been at the heart of many PR campaigns. While digital and social is no doubt changing the way we do this, the fundamentals of content and relationships remain core.

What’s really interesting in the digital age, where we can, if we want to, communicate entirely online, is that the demand, and need for face-to-face events and get-togethers remains just as strong, if not stronger.

As a result, physical, rather than virtual events that have a real and valid purpose can have a very powerful impact on client campaigns too. With this in mind, we are seeing increased value from more social, influencer get-togethers for our clients.

We recently worked with one of our clients, content discovery platform Outbrain, on the creation and execution of ‘The Art of Storytelling’ meet-up. Part of a series of events held at their London offices, the meet-up bought together experts from all areas of the narrative field – journalist, blogger, brand, agency – to share advice and best practice.

With content marketing one of the hot topics in digital marketing at the moment, we worked closely with Outbrain to shape the event, secure the panel and brief the speakers. Attendees were drawn from across Outbrain key audiences – either existing clients, or those interested in content marketing such as PR agencies, and brand marketers.

It’s great to be involved in events that have real benefits for clients, and from a ROI perspective content and messages from events such as these can be fed back into the wider PR campaign – meaning an integrated series of activities that all work towards supporting the wider business objectives.