12th June 2013

Blogging and PR

I Love BlogsThis week I challenged myself to write a blog on blogging. At the risk of getting too philosophical, I wanted to write about why blogging is so important and how it’s continuing to grow in terms of its role in PR. Blogging is increasingly becoming part of our everyday life so I wanted to document what this means for us right now – and what better way than a blog to do this.

The internet has given everyone enormous power in terms of being able to create and publish whatever they want. This of course can be really clearly seen on Facebook and Twitter everyday (just think of Sally Bercow’s recent tweet that shows that sometimes publishing everything isn’t the best idea…) and has also given rise to thousands and thousands of fantastic blogs across the web.

I love reading blogs. For businesses a self-published blog has a number of really powerful benefits – it’s your own platform and you can talk about whatever you want. It’s a space to convey your messages, your USPs and your views.

Plus a blog is great content. Content marketing is a really powerful tool for businesses, and there has been a hugely important shift over the last couple of years as businesses have turned away from the idea of simply broadcasting sales messages to creating and publishing content that has real value to their target market.

What’s more blog content can be reused, and fuel other aspects of marketing and PR – be that social media, opinion articles, newsletters or education pieces. Supporting the creation of content like blogs is a great investment in your business, and putting finger to keyboard is a great way to develop your position as expert in your field.

Of course, as well as self-publishing the other side of the coin when it comes to PR and blogging is blogger engagement. Media relations have long been an integral part of PR, and over the last few years, blogger relations have become part of our day to day life too.

Working with bloggers is really exciting – and we’re lucky at CubanEight to work on some great blogger campaigns, with some really fantastic bloggers. The key is spending time really understanding each blog and blogger and tailoring the approach individually.

As digital becomes even more central to PR, the role of blogging is only going to increase. Whether it’s creating your own or taking time to engage with bloggers and digital influencers the benefits can be really positive for businesses.

As ever if you’d like to discuss how we could help you with your blog or digital strategy do get in touch.

10th June 2013