13th May 2021

What have I learned over the last year as a business owner?

It’s been an interesting year to be a founder or business owner. I’m always interested in learning from other about what’s working. So in the interests of sharing, here are my top three takeaways from the last 12 months.

1.You can work from anywhere, but it’s okay to want to be together in person

My team and I now have remote working model. The team can work from wherever suits them best, and we’ve reduced our physical office space. We have a great office hub in a co-working space, where I am working a couple of days a week, and members of the team are also using it flexibly. Technology means you can work from anywhere, but it doesn’t mean you have to 100%. I like working with people in person and the creativity and connection it inspires, and we believe that this is really important for us as a team.  We are going to incorporate that collaboration and coming together into our way of working. And the feedback that we have had so far from the team is positive – so looking forward to seeing how it shapes out.

2. It’s an overused phrase but the ability to pivot is important 

Pandemic pivot klaxon! But in all seriousness being able to be nimble and able to react to change is powerful. In some ways we’ve been doing this for a long time in terms of how we work with clients – we have a plan, but we are agile and proactive, and able to respond to the changes in direction that inevitably come. It’s not quite the same, but a flexible mindset, build on a solid foundation of knowing what the goals are, has been invaluable over the last year.

3.You are resilient even if you don’t label yourself as such

I think it’s incredibly important to recognise the things you have achieved in difficult circumstances. Especially once you are out the other side.  Of course this wasn’t the business year we all envisioned but I’ve no doubt that I myself, and the CubanEight team have come out of this full of lessons, learnings and ways to do business better in the long term.