17th April 2012

Campaign Spotlight

CoPilot Live Reviews Programme

CoPilot Live is an app that transforms an iPhone, iPad or Android device into a satnav to rival any standalone device, at a much more affordable price. CubanEight’s campaign is focused on raising awareness of CoPilot Live to a consumer audience – and we adopting a range of tactics to do this.

Our reviews programme focuses on getting journalists to try the app for themselves and review it. The programme covers traditional media across nationals, broadcast and technology press, with recent highlights including some great reviews with media outlets including The Telegraph, BBC World Service and Know Your Mobile.

Another key focus for the reviews programme is bloggers, who are a particularly important influencer within this sector. We work to identify and approach key iPhone and Android bloggers as well as people who blog in the wider technology, gadget and lifestyle areas. This has resulted in a number of really positive reviews with the likes of Android Bloke and Cool Smart Phone.

17th April 2012