12th April 2018

Choose a Job You Love, and You Will Never Have To Work a Day in Your Life

Coming out the other side of the Easter break has been a busy time in the CubanEight office, culminating this week with big news for one of our clients, Chargifi, and kicking off a campaign with our newest client GameOn Technology.

Chargifi is a British tech company, who is leading the march in the wireless power space, and this week announced a new round of funding to accelerate their growth across US & Asian markets, at a time when the demand for wireless power is on the rise.  They also received strategic investment from HPE which will see Chargifi being taken out to HPE customers globally – a real milestone for them. And for the campaign itself it has given us an opportunity to not only secure media coverage with key business, investment and tech media but also build relationships with audiences for the future. Chargifi is set to change how we power everything from our phones, to cars to drones and are working to a vision of the future being wireless.

GameOn Technology, is a Silicon Valley business at the intersection of sports and technology with the aim of connecting brands, fans and communities together. The way that we watch sports is changing, driven by shortened attention spans and our phones in our pockets than tied to traditional TV schedules. And the sports industry is having to catch up with that- which is where GameOn come in. They are the company behind Sky Sports Jeff Bot – using chat to create meaningful and effortless fan experiences.  I have been spending time with them this week, kicking off their UK campaign at SportsPro Live event and connecting them up with key media, and planning more to come.

Both of these companies are representative of why I love my job and what we do at CubanEight – we work with clients who are changing the way that we live, work and play, and the innovation and insight that they have provides us with the  fuel we need to sustain impactful campaigns.