8th December 2015

CubanEight celebrates Christmas in style!

Last week we headed to the magnificent and luxurious Soho Farmhouse in Great Tew for our CubanEight Christmas celebrations. The team arrived and immediately headed out on our hire bikes (it was every bit as fun as it looks) to take on a photo challenge. This was followed by a venture onto the ice rink, where abilities with the skates were noticeably varied.

IMG_2855After retreating to our stunning cabins for some downtime, and lighting the log fires, we reconvened in the deli for a mouth-watering three course meal. During the meal, awards were presented for our various achievements throughout the year, and Secret Santa gifts were exchanged and received with much amusement.

The evening continued around a cosy fireplace, before all the food and warmth of the fire had us heading back to beds for the night. In the morning we battled through some breakfast and went for a final refreshing outdoor swim under the glorious glow of the winter sunshine.

It was a fantastic 24 hours celebrating the last 12 months, and a wonderful way to kick-off the Christmas festivities.Soho Farmhouse