13th June 2014

The CubanEight Water Cooler- May 2014

Our Favourite PR Examples of the Month

May has been a great month for creativity across all media channels and making. What’s interesting in these examples is the simplicity behind the idea; it’s their relevance to the brand and their audiences which helped to really amplify these campaigns.

Japanese bar “frames and shames” sleeping drunks in alcohol awareness
When public shaming can be good for your health… Worried that an increasing number of customers were passing out from excessive drinking, Japanese bar Taocho, played on the country’s respect for honour by turning pictures of passed-out drunk people into a drinking awareness campaign. The country’s famously hard-working people generally have a low tolerance level to alcohol so there’s a real problem of people sleeping in the streets. Armed with duct tape and a camera, the team scoured the streets for sleeping drunks- and it didn’t take long.

Perhaps if we were worried our embarrassing drunken antics might end up as ammunition in a highly publicised campaign, we might think twice before having that final shot!


Image 2A campaign that launched as a 60 second TV advertisement during Britain’s Got Talent, Pets at Home asked pet owners to send in their own videos of their special moments with their pets. This is a great example of engaging with customers using a shared interest as a talking point. The video collage of these home videos creates an authentic window into the world of pets and their owners. More than 13,000 videos and clips were uploaded.

When tech and art meet nature – GE’s Instagram time-lapse video of Aurora Borealis captured over the Arctic

Image 3

GE Is a great “cross channel communicator”, understanding how each channel is used and what pulls the audience in. In this example, we get a real sense of the inspiration behind the brand’s passion in this time-lapse video. There’s a wealth of user friendly tools for creating professional videos on all platforms and GE made the most of access to this tech at their fingertips. This video is an original example of content creation is a great example of using technology on social platforms to embrace the brand’s values and engage with a like-minded audience.

Captured at 2am on March 26th, the #auroraborealis makes a majestic appearance over the #Arctic landscape in this long-exposed #timelapse video. Video by @itsreuben