16th February 2016

Small business masterclass at Google HQ

Last week we took the opportunity to attend a “Small business masterclass: How to get your brand in the media” workshop, held at Google’s London HQ. Organised by Rebecca Burn-Callander, enterprise editor at the Daily Telegraph, the aim of the event was to give PR’s, business owners and startups the chance to work closely with business journalists.

The panel of journalists included Elizabeth Anderson, business reporter at the Daily Telegraph, Emma Haslett day editor at City AM, James Hurley enterprise editor at the The Times, Kiki Loizou small business editor at the The Sunday Times and Matthew Gwyther editor at the Today aaMagazine. The panel gave an overview of what interests them most when it comes to business news and the floor was then open to questions from the audience. We all discussed the importance of giving stories a human angle and talked about pitching preferences and the merits of offering exclusives.

It was a great evening and a really useful event for us to work even more closely with these journalists. All proceeds from ticket sales went to the charity Fields of Life,  and will be used to build wells in Uganda. While we get to speak to the journalists every day, it was great to get everyone in one room and to develop our relationships with these journalists even more.