10th May 2022

Discovering the importance of movement for our minds and bodies

This Mental Health Awareness Week, we wanted to reflect on our latest initiative that helps us to look after our minds.

Promoting a healthy work/life balance and nurturing the team’s wellbeing has always been important to us at CubanEight, which is why we run a wellbeing programme throughout the year, offering support and activities, and provide a wellbeing allowance for each member of the team.

Most recently we have enrolled on a course with Kerrie-Anne Bradley from Pilates At Your Desk (PAYD) – a fun and engaging way of improving wellbeing and productivity while breaking up our working days. Kerrie-Anne delivers workshops virtually as well as in person, which suits us perfectly as we are a remote-first team.

We are inspired by Kerrie-Anne, who fell in love with Pilates after she felt the benefits first hand, helping to get rid of her sciatica, neck and back pain, and dodgy knee. During our first intro session with Kerrie-Anne, she straight-away pointed out our postural issues, commenting on sleeping positions and desk positions without ever having seen us in those environments – it was quite something to be honest. Alongside our live sessions with Kerrie-Anne we have had access to a portal of on-demand content, so we can do as many sessions as we like throughout the week to suit our schedules. We have done some videos individually but also as a team – spurring each other on to achieve the goals we set out during our first session with Kerrie-Anne. As a team, we committed to:

  1. Spending at least the first five minutes of every day sitting on our sit bones
  2. Doing some movement in the morning (we love the “good morning” stretch that Kerrie-Anne taught us!)
  3. Committing to completing at least three videos per week

There are so many benefits to PAYD. It helps us:

  • Move more while we work.
  • Reduce aches and pains.
  • Improve posture.
  • Increase productivity.
  • Increase energy.
  • Boost our mood.

Here is what members of our team are saying about the PAYD course.

“Pilates At Your Desk has been so helpful – even just noticing when I’m not sitting properly means I can correct my posture BEFORE I start to ache! And the 5-minute videos are really easy to fit in around work and meetings so there are no excuses!” – Lucie, Account Manager

“As someone who has become much more sedentary since the start of the pandemic, our PAYD workshops are helping me to be mindful of my habits and educating me on how to form better ones. I’m learning a lot about myself and am loving how Kerrie-Anne effortlessly injects a bit of enthusiasm and positivity into my day.” – Zoe, Senior Account Executive