20th September 2016

AR, VR and Pokémon Go. What new technologies did marketers capture at this year’s Dmexco?

Last week over 50,000 ad-tech execs, companies and marketers gathered in Cologne for this year’s Dmexco to discuss and showcase the latest trends, industry issues and brand new technologies from the marketing industry.

The influence of Pokémon Go

It should come as no surprise to anyone that the ongoing hype over Pokémon Go has hugely influenced the AR focus at Dmexco this year. When Nintendo’s smartphone-enabled AR app launched, its shares jumped by a record-breaking 28%. Many brands showcased exciting implementations that Artificial Intelligence can promise in technology, for brands and consumers alike.

In fact, in today’s world you cannot escape the explosion and influence of video and music streaming, interactive gaming, cloud and VR in our daily lives. Take a look at the rise of “smart ads”, which have been made possible because marketers are now able to adjust advertising to time, location and personal needs through data and deep learning systems.

selligent-dmexcoSelligent: Virtual Reality

While VR has been around for decades, it’s only now that the technology has finally caught up with the times and become widely available to mass audiences. At Dmexco, our client Selligent, providers of one-to-one Consumer-First Marketing, showcased the ways in which VR can be used by marketers using HoloLens technology and presented the world’s first Augmented-Reality demo for Marketing Automation.

It’s an exciting time for marketers as VR and AR technology can now be embraced and harnessed to impact and change consumer behaviour. Look at how Pokémon Go captivated a global audience who had become disengaged with what was once a powerhouse of a brand. The power of technology continues to shape the world that we inhabit – and we’re as excited as ever to continue to see all of these innovations coming out of Dmexco each year.