9th November 2012

DSA campaign success!

It’s always nice to receive recognition for the work we do here at Cuban Eight – so imagine our excitement when we discovered that our work with the Direct Selling Association (DSA) featured in this week’s edition of PR Week!

The case study piece showcased our current campaign which was launched earlier this year to raise the DSA’s profile and modernise perceptions of the UK’s direct selling industry whilst supporting the Association’s member recruitment and retention strategy.

Using the DSA’s latest data and through leveraging various ‘bigger picture’ news topics such as an increasing focus on entrepreneurialism and the challenge of the traditional jobs market, the campaign uses a variety of stories in order to appeal to a broad range of media. Another key success factor is the use of the DSA’s ‘virtual PR group’, through which we’re able to gather numerous case studies and opinions from the Association’s members, providing the press with relevant information and spokespeople. This allows us to highlight key trends in the industry such as the growing number of people joining the industry through the recession as well as specific trends such as growth in over 50s and men within the sector.

The campaign has achieved more than 100 pieces of coverage to date, including articles in The Financial Times, the Sun and on BBC Breakfast, all prompting improvement in key metrics such as the DSA’s web traffic, which increased by 92 per cent, demonstrating the campaign’s successful delivery of its objectives with clear, tangible results. Watch this space for more on this campaign over the coming months!

9th November 2012