26th April 2016

On the front pages today

As we did our usual read of the daily papers this morning one thing was hard to miss– making the front pages of almost every broadsheet was the same photo: President Barack Obama testing a pair of virtual reality goggles at a technology trade show in Germany.

Sometimes accompanied by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the photo shows just how powerful a good image can be. The fact Obama is in a slightly funny situation, complete with cartoon eyes and a puzzled expression makes this exactly the kind of image the press loves to run. The image itself has little to do with the more in depth reporting the papers did of Obama’s visit, but it served to break up heavy pages of copy and immediately draw readers in.

Amidst a fairly heavy political week including involvement in the EU referendum debate, a G5 summit and news about US troops in Syria, the photo serves as a spot of fun and human interest. Despite just leaving the UK with a huge amount of press and public attention, the fact that Obama is back on the front pages again today proves just how popular the current president is on this side of the pond, and just how far a good photo can get you.

I was once told that ironically the easiest place to place a photo story is on the business pages, because there can be a lack of strong images on these pages. No matter what we read, we are all drawn in by strong images, and photo-led stories can be a really powerful way to tell stories and secure media coverage.