1st December 2020

Launching the UK’s first full fibre city

Reliable and fast internet is no longer a nice to have; this year has reinforced more than ever that it is critical to business and economic success. Before we knew that the work from home revolution was incoming, the CubanEight team was integral to the launch of the UK’s first full fibre city in Hull on behalf of KCOM Hull and East Yorkshire.

KCOM wanted to increase awareness among customers and key regional stakeholders. This was a significant milestone as the project had taken seven years to complete with an £85m investment; it was also of huge importance for the region as it catapulted Hull to a leading tech city status nationally.

We developed a campaign showcasing the positive effect of the full fibre rollout on the city including businesses, consumers and stakeholders. A full media package was developed including using KCOM’s MD as spokesperson enabling KCOM to be recognised as a leader and to join the national conversation surrounding full fibre broadband.

Local business case studies were used to demonstrate the value of Hull’s digital infrastructure and highlight the impact of full fibre investment. Supportive quotes from prominent figures in the region were used to add credibility to the story. The C4DI building (a local landmark and tech hub) in Hull was used as the location for broadcast filming, helping to frame Hull as a global high-tech pioneer.

An exclusive pitch with Rory Cellan-Jones, technology editor at the BBC, resulted in national coverage with BBC News TV, online and radio, and had a halo effect, influencing further coverage with traditional and social media. The BBC coverage has real longevity as it still acts as an SEO baseline for online searches relating to full fibre. Coverage with influencers and industry experts Think Broadband, means the rollout is still likely to be mentioned in future stories about full fibre.

In total the campaign resulted in 15 million plus coverage reach. As well as a huge audience for a regional story, social media coverage indicated overwhelmingly positive sentiment towards the story. The central positioning of Hull in the national story reflected glory to city leaders and KCOM was seen to fly the flag nationally for the city.

Kay Stevenson, Head of Communications, KCOM said: “The creative campaign achieved a huge reach both regionally and nationally, providing ‘proof’ to our local customers that our claims about Lightstream stand up to scrutiny, and resulting in overwhelmingly positive audience sentiment on social media.

“Our business has been positioned as a key player on the national stage at the heart of full fibre rollout, with the headline that KCOM is behind the creation of the UK’s first full fibre city giving us a strong platform for future expansion announcements, supporting our SEO objectives and strengthening our relationships with industry influencers and policy makers.”