4th May 2021

What will the future of work look like for creative agencies?

With things slowly starting to open back up, we as a team have had a few (socially distanced) IRL working sessions. It’s be great to see some colleagues in person – although we now have a fully WFH policy in place, we also have an office hub in a great co-working space available when we need it.

I think the future for creative agencies is going to be a mix of remote and in person working. There are benefits for home working that I’ve enjoyed as a business owner and a human – shorter commute, lower overheads, more time with my family. But there are downsides too – like isolation and lack of boundaries. Also for us creative folk, face-to-face planning and strategy sessions are really valuable. That said, as a remote first team, we are now able to hire talent from anywhere.

There are pros and cons, and I think the critical thing as we ease back into this third way of working – as hybrid is becoming known as – is to listen to team members and clients; ensure the communication channels are there, evolve processes and find an approach that works for them and the business.