23rd February 2017

Getting ready for a rough run!

That’s right, we’ve signed up for another Rough Runner! Well, I say another – it’s actually my first, but a few members of the CubanEight team had so much fun last year, they wanted us all to enter again.

If you’re not familiar with Rough Runner, it’s a 10km obstacle race – we will get wet and we will get muddy, and one or two of us might even pass out! Check out our video from last year. The Oxfordshire event takes place on Saturday 13 May, so from now, that gives us roughly 11 and a half weeks to get fit… challenge accepted.

At a time of year when many people’s New Year’s Resolutions are a distant memory, we thought we’d inspire you by sharing our team’s efforts to improve our fitness levels in a bid to maximise the fun on the day. Our office manager, Cat, is in charge of keeping us all motivated. She’s a regular swimmer, and as this is often named as the best all-round exercise, we are pretty sure she’ll be sprinting off without us!

We now have a chart on the wall to keep track of everyone’s activities. This could lead to epic bragging rights and excellent motivation, or to some serious naming and shaming! Either way, I’m sure it will get everyone moving ahead of the big day.

Josh is leading the way with his new 2017 fitness regime; he’s invested in his own little at-home gym and has been committing to almost daily evening workouts – his current count is an impressive 200 sit-ups a day. Go Josh!

Alice is boosting her at-home HIIT workouts by adding in some evening runs.

Keeping it local, Sian has joined a boot camp, while Emma and Siobhan have both joined a gym. They, along with Josh, have also signed up for local fitness classes – this week Zumba, next week HIIT training.

Team Zumba!

Meanwhile, Jonathan has just learned what a plank is…

Heather is unable to take part this year sadly, but she is supporting us wholeheartedly and is joining in with our fitness goals by going to local classes. We are going to miss Heather on the day – with a surname like Power, who else would you want on your team?

We are all really excited to be taking part in Rough Runner (although some of us newbies also admit to being a bit nervous!). As with a lot of people entering this sort of event, we’ll be raising money for our Charity of the Year, as chosen by the whole team – we’ll be announcing who the beneficiary of our fundraising efforts for 2017 will be next month.