15th December 2020

A hybrid approach to remote working 

The PR industry is always adapting, but this year, for obvious reasons it’s been on overdrive. One of the biggest changes this year has been a move to remote working for businesses in every sector. 

Remote working has lots of benefits, but it can also be challenging. For businesses the task is to strike the right balance to ensure employees’ wellbeing, while also helping them work in the best way. 

As an independent agency focused on technology, agility has always been an integral way of how we work. Since we started the agency we have worked with clients around the world and this has never hindered our ability to work effectively with them or deliver great work.

Fortunately, when lockdown came, we were able to quickly move to a remote working model as we were already set up to do that anyway. Our team and technology enabled us to seamlessly keep delivering work for clients with minimal disruption, which was a positive in a trying time. 

We were moving towards a virtual model before COVID-19, but the viability has been proved this year. We are all able to work remotely, and this is a good thing in terms of work life balance, and for client delivery and working as a team. 

We recognise that to deliver effective and successful campaigns that we don’t need to be in the office every day 9- 5; this brings tremendous opportunity for building out the team – you don’t need to tick the box of location and can find the right people for the job regardless of where they are based. 

But also, we need to be mindful of working from home stresses and how we still foster team spirit and togetherness when we are apart. Working remotely does have it’s benefits, but it can be isolating, lonely and can lead to burnout. Certainly, in the PR industry, being together in person is enormously helpful for creativity, learning, socialising and team spirit. 

I think when it comes to PR, a hybrid model is a good solution. We have relocated to a co-working community in Bicester, with people also working remotely. The team are working where suits them, and we have a base for when we need it and are able to come together.

It has been a tough year for many people, but this new way of working will bring with it new opportunities. What is most important to us is our team and how we continue to support, encourage and work together.