18th February 2014

Journalism.co.uk meet up – trending topics in conversation

This week our client Outbrain sponsored the journalism.co.uk meet up. It was a fun night starting off at platform 9&3/4 at Kings Cross Station – which will make a lot of sense to those Harry Potter fans, hence the disappearing trolley.  Then we moved up to the Parcel Yard Loft Bar in the station. 

Platform 9 and 3/4

Platform 9 and 3/4


The evening was a great opportunity for journalists to catch up, swap business cards and meet some new faces.  And there were some “trending topics” among the conversations of the night. 


The Loft Bar

The Loft Bar


From lifestyle to technology writers, discussions were brought back to the recurring question – how can the media adapt to a digital landscape whilst maintaining the brand it’s created in print?

The way people consume media has changed; news-junkies flick through their favourite sites on phones and tablets on the daily commute, and catch up with the news headlines in their lunch break. The way people read is changing the way that journalists write, but it should also change how stories are presented. There’s a remarkable difference between scrolling down a mobile screen with your thumb, and pouring over the weekend supplements on a weekend, coffee in hand.

Journalism is still about creating great content that someone is going to want to read; however, with social media and a sharing culture there is now an additional layer of engagement with readers, sharing ideas and getting key insights into subjects. And how we talk to people depends on the channel we’re using – this applies to “real life” as much as it does to journalism. The way we talk on the phone is very different to how we talk with people in person. For publishers, it’s important to take this on board when considering, print, online and mobile. The way we read on each platform is very different – from the kind of content we’re steered to, how we travel through the pages – swiping, clicking or turning pages. Publishers and writers need a sense of direction when thinking of the stories they write, and who they target with its amplification.

The meet-up was a great night to meet some new and familiar faces and to find out what people are up to in this very eclectic and fast-paced industry. Thanks to Journalism.co.uk and Outbrain for hosting, and to everyone who trekked through London – with the impending risk of potential tube strikes on the night.

Attendees from Outbrain, sponsors of the night - Alba Navarro and Eirin Pan

Attendees from Outbrain, sponsors of the night – Alba Navarro and Eirin Pan