26th February 2021

Kicking off 2021 with a bang!

2021 has started strong for our clients – the CubanEight team have been busy securing great media placements, smashing targets and building on new and existing relationships every day.

Whilst we are only two months down, we have started as we mean to go on. Here are a few of our client highlights so far this year:


January was a big month for our client, SparkPost, the world’s largest email sending and optimisation platform announced $180million in new funding to support its next era of growth. We co-ordinated this global announcement with SparkPost’s US PR partner and news was published across business and investment titles, including an exclusive write-up in business news site, BusinessCloud.


The Agilisys team were pleased to see a thought leadership article published in a o top-tier media targets – The MJ. Our campaign is focused on increasing Agilisys’ profile in the healthcare sector media and The MJ is a bullseye publication read by their target audience. Organisations across the public sector are now collecting data in massive quantities and at previously unimaginable speed, but how can they utilise it in the best way not just for the business, but for citizens too? In this article, Dan Thomson, head of data services and engineering at Agilisys, discusses how the public sector can unlock the potential of data. 

Bantham Technologies

During this difficult time, it is so important that NHS organisations and staff are properly supported and equipped with technology to cope with high demand. Edward Belgeonne, founder, & CEO Bantham Technologies, shared his thoughts with Open Access Government, on how innovative technology is key to hitting net-zero and creating more time to care in the NHS.

Rufus Leonard

There is no denying that digital transformations are accelerating, and we are all in the midst of a new era…the ‘anywhere office’. If you’re looking from advice from leading CEOs, then look no further than the latest insights report from CEO Digital – Five Strategic Areas Defining Anywhere Ops in 2021 – featuring Rufus Leonard CEO, Laurence Parkes.

Selligent Marketing Cloud

From shifts in consumer behaviour to new expectations for customer service and physical shopping, last year was a year unlike any other for retailers. Take a read of Selligent’s article in Retail Times, detailing what’s on the horizon for retailers as they navigate the months ahead.


UK retailers beware – new regulations on PSD2 and SCA are coming, to help combat the rising issue of ecommerce fraud. However, this unfortunately means adding friction along the buying journey — friction that can frustrate consumers and results in lost sales and lost customers for retailers.  For detailed explanation on what these regulations are, what they mean for retailers, and how to prepare, have a read of Signifyd’s article in MyCustomer.