10th February 2021

Looking after each others’ wellbeing as a remote team

Like most organisations at CubanEight we have all been working remotely since last March, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable.

Working from home has many benefits that we have all enjoyed over the last 11 months – better work/life balance, no commute and loungewear to name just a few – but it can also come with difficulties when it comes to our wellbeing. Remote working can be lonely at the best of times, especially when we are all facing our third national lockdown and haven’t been able to see friends or family for months.

There are things we all do at home to maintain our wellbeing, like getting outside for fresh air every day, taking regular breaks from our desks, drinking plenty of water and eating healthy foods. But, there are also a few things that we do regularly as a team to make sure we look after each other’s wellbeing and stay connected as a team.

Morning huddle – Every morning, the team gathers on Teams for our daily huddle. This is an opportunity to meet face-to-face (virtually) as we would in the office, discuss priorities, brainstorm ideas and have a general chat before we get started with our days. Little things such as ensuring our cameras are switched onalso helps us feel connected with each other.

Keep talking & sharing – Throughout the day, we keep in touch over Slack, however it’s important to widen the chat to non-work-related discussions too. We have different channels for sharing recommendations such as tv or films we’ve enjoyed – current favourites are The Bay and Call My Agent! -, healthy (or not so healthy) recipes and snacks to try, and any articles or videos we find about how to look after our wellbeing.

Coffee catch ups – One thing we all miss about the office is having a general chat whilst waiting for the kettle to boil, so we have recreated this over Teams instead. Every week, we all meet for a coffee on Teams, to catch up together about whatever is going on in our lives.

Activities to boost wellbeing – On top of this, every month we gather as a team for our wellbeing activity, keeping in mind our five mindfulness bubbles. Everyone takes it in turn to organise an activity that allows the team to switch off for 30 minutes and links with at least one of our bubbles. We’ve taken part in all sorts of virtual activities such as drawing classes, Pilates, bingo, online jigsaws and virtual Pictionary.

Being part of a team that values and makes time for wellbeing has always been important to me, and has helped me to deal with all of the changes that have happened over the past year. Whilst we haven’t all been together in one room for months, we are never more than a click away from a friendly face.