21st May 2018

Meet Senior Account Executive Shannon Tweed

As we continue with #mayweintroduceourselves this month, meet Shannon:

What is your role at CubanEight? Senior Account Executive

How long have you been with CubanEight? One year this May – it’s come around really quickly but you know what they say about having fun…

What is your favourite thing about PR? Looking for the potential to change the world as we know it in your clients’ products or services. It’s a great time to be working with technology and energy. Innovation is shaping our society and in PR you get the opportunity to let people know incredible change is afoot just as it’s about to launch

When you aren’t working at CubanEight what are you doing? Cooking something spicy with vegetables, working out at the gym, having a glass of wine with friends, listening to My Daily Playlist on Spotify, finding my car keys. I also take every opportunity to get outside in the Bicester countryside when the sun is shining

What word best describes you? Friendly (Nice to e-meet you!)

Tell us something about you that might surprise people? I used to work in Los Angeles in the film industry and have driven Jerry Lewis’ mobility scooter over an oil field in Pasadena

What are you currently singing along to? 80s power ballads – I will be until the air guitar has its comeback in modern pop

#mayweintroduceourselves is running throughout May across Twitter and Instagram