18th August 2016


You may have noticed that this week many brands, signs and shop-fronts are missing their As, Bs and Os in their brand name. Initially our inner grammar fiend wanted to correct what looked like some obvious typos! However behind the intriguing visuals is a campaign from NHS Blood and Transplant.

The campaign asks brands and individuals to remove their As, Bs and Os from their name to highlight the lack of people signing up to donate blood. This is the second year for the campaign that led to 30,000 people signing up last year.

Some of the UKs biggest brands have this week been getting behind the campaign.

Take for example Cadburys….









Or how about Nandos…









As well as Tesco…






It is great to see how many brands are joining in and whilst the immediate result is the hashtag #MissingType trending across social media, the long term result of raising awareness will ultimately help to save lives.