7th March 2019

Mobile World Congress 2019

Mobile World Congress 2019 has been and gone in what seems like a flash, and I wanted to share some thoughts from those sunny few days in Barcelona.The show news was dominated by the buzz around the launches of the newest foldable phones. Samsung unveiled its new Galaxy Fold, LG showcased the LGV50 ThinQ and Huawei showed off its Mate X from behind a glass cabinet, creating quite the queue to get up close to see it in action.

These latest handsets are the pioneers of a new smartphone category, meeting consumer demand for handsets with enhanced displays, intuitive UX and with some of them including readiness for 5G, increased speed and battery life. However all these innovative products these do come at a price with the Samsung Fold retailing at over $2000.

You couldn’t escape the main theme of the show -5G – with hosts of companies making it the focus of their messages and news for the event. 5G is being heralded as catalyst for connected everything – from industry to cities, workspaces to society as a whole. The industry and its ecosystem is definitely ready to embrace 5G when it arrives, and this is set to have a huge impact on both consumers and businesses.

Qualcomm’s president Cristiano Amon captured the impact of the 5G rollout when he said“The transition to 5G will be about taking the tech beyond phones to automotive, industrial, and enterprise sectors . We’ll begin to get the full potential of unlimited data rates for mission-critical applications… As 5G gets fully deployed, unlimited computation, AI, and ML [machine learning] will make your mobile device a window to everything….The operating system will become less and less relevant and the app experience will take over.  At that point connectivity to the cloud combined with AI will be a general technology platform for all society. People will just assume they are connected—like electricity”.

Events, be they industry-wide like MWC, or owned events that clients are hosting are a growing focus, and we are working to support a number of clients with event creation, management and maximising these across PR and social media campaigns. We’re continuing to see demand for content creation growing, along with the need for robust amplification strategies that help maximise ROI.

We did exactly that for our client P2i at MWC this year, launching their new waterproofing coating for smartphones – Dunkable. We secured pre-show briefings and on-stand press interest including a live interview for P2i’s CEO Ady Moores on the second day of the show on Mobile World Live TV. We’ll be sharing more details about the full campaign soon.