1st March 2017

Nostalgia & smartphones dominate MWC

If you’re a tech-fanatic like me, you would have had to have been living under a rock to have missed one of the biggest announcements to dominate at Mobile World Congress this year – the relaunch of the Nokia 3310. Released 17 years ago, the Nokia 3310 is to this day one of the best-selling mobile devices worldwide – with global sales of over 126 million units. Popularised by its indestructible build, “lifelong-lasting” battery power and of course, Snake (!), this legendary device has retained a cult status, but in addition to that, remains one of the best phones ever produced.

Perhaps it’s nostalgia that makes it resonate with today’s mobile users – or perhaps it’s the frequent complaints about cracked screens and poor battery life that makes people want to revert to a simpler time! Nokia’s ‘new’ handset is absolutely perfect for those looking for a second phone that they can take away on holiday, or to festivals.

It wasn’t just the recent homage release to the Nokia 3310 that made headlines this year at Mobile World Congress. Following on from what has been dubbed this year as the ‘Smart Phone Mega-Show’ by the press, Blackberry, LG, Huawei and Sony have all announced their latest smartphone devices. Perhaps this is to shake up a year which is due to expect absolutely mammoth releases from Apple and Samsung. The competition is hotting up!

So, amongst the sea of phones and gadgets – what else stood out in sunny Barcelona?

This year, BT and Nokia partnered up to showcase how 5G networks can be used to maximise the experience of customers watching fully immersive entertainment or live sport HD VR – high definition virtual reality. It’s interesting to see brands beginning to showcase how VR can be utilised within every-day life, rather than just using VR as a commodity or ‘novelty’ idea at these big events.

As Mobile World Congress continues to prove, the power of smartphone devices and integrated technology into our home lives continues to dominate the exciting tech space. Older brands have come back fighting, and established brands are looking to generate new ways to expand their reach into our lives with their innovative technology.