27th February 2012

Obsessed with Pinterest

pinterestThere is a new social network on the scene, and I have to admit that I for am becoming slightly obsessed with it.

Pinterest is an online pin board – you can pin images you like from around the web on to your own boards, and follow other people’s board that interest you. So I’ve created a board of delicious looking food for example – where I’ve pinned tasty looking treats I want to try from around the web, and also uploaded some of my own baking attempts.

What Pinterest does really well, is let you record something that you might want to try later. Images you pin will link directly back to their original source (or at least they should) so if you find a great DIY craft idea you can pin the finished article to your board, and this will allow you to easily find the instructions when you do come to make it.

Pinterest is still in its early days, but judging from the amount of buzz it’s getting, I think it’s going to be around for a long time. As with every social network, it’s going to be really interesting to see how brands and marketers start to use it to connect with their audiences in an ever changing digital landscape.

With so much online, Pinterest is a creative way to navigate online, letting users find, share and enjoy some of the wonderful stuff the web has to offer. Happy pinning!

27th February 2012