18th May 2021

The questions we often get asked about PR

PR is an unrivalled tool that helps you grow, scale and build trust in your brand. But we know that sometimes it can be challenging to know how to get the most value from PR and what will work for your specific organisation. How can you prove the value of PR within the business? How does PR work with other marketing disciplines, and how can you get the most from your PR partner?  

These are some of the common questions we get asked about PR:  

What’s the best way to integrate PR with other sales and marketing efforts?  

PR complements much of your other marketing. It can be used to make your existing content work harder for you, and indeed provide messaging and content that can work across multiple channels. For example, a news announcement can be adapted as a company blog, podcast, social media content or even expanded as talking points at events. Content repurposing wont just get you more impact for your budget, it will also reinforce your messaging and build trust and a position of expertise with your audience.   

We love it when the value of a PR campaign is felt across the business – this is often the case when organisations integrate PR campaigns with wider sales and marketing activity. This might mean regularly talking to the sales team about issues and insight and tracking whats working for them, what are they hearing from prospects regards challenges, and where their leads are coming from. We build this insight into the content of the campaign to generate resonance with target audiences.

I’ve had a bad experience working with a PR agency before – how do I know I’m working with the right partner?  

Finding the right fit for your business is critical for the success of any PR partnership. Some things to look out for include making sure any agency you work with is transparent about results (PRs can’t guarantee editorial coverage as PR isn’t advertising, but they should be open and honest with you about expectations and deliverables) and ensuring you are working with a proactive partner that isn’t afraid to say no or give you honest guidance and strategy.  

If you are scaling yourself, ask prospective agencies about their ability to scale with you, and ask to see example of flexible, proactive approaches to PR. Ask to speak to previous clients and see case studies and testimonials of previous work.   

Like many relationships, the strongest agency / client partnerships tend to be those based on honesty and clear lines of communication. Make sure your agency understands your business goals and works proactively with you to reach them – you want a partner that feels like part of your team and one that is truly invested in your business.  

How do you prove the value of PR? 

PR can help you grow your business, improve your market positioning and get new customers. As a comms or marketing professional, or founder, you may already be aware of this but you may need to prove the value of PR to stakeholders or influencers within your business. PR isnt advertising and measurement like AVE (advertising value equivalent) does not do justice to the real value of PR. Plus the media landscape has moved on – traditional media is still a key part of PR but so are new forms of earned content like podcasts, newsletters, or social media. It is important to measure and track what success means to you and your business – we always recommend developing bespoke KPIs which could be backlinks, message penetration, lead tracking, share of voice, sentiment, web traffic, reach or social engagement. 


These are some of the questions that often come up in our conversations with growing businesses about their goals and challenges and how PR can support that. If you are a B2b tech business on a growth path and want to embark on a PR campaign to accelerate that growth then please get in touch – our new free PR clinic allows you to ask all your questions about PR and how it can help your business. Well give you bespoke advice and insight, discuss your business goals, and recommend next steps. 

If youd like to know more, or discus other elements of PR, please do get in touch and book your free PR clinic call.