9th May 2019

PR for Oxford’s Tech Cluster

Last week Oxford’s PR and tech start-up communities came together to learn about how they can work together more closely, debunk the usual myths around PR, and learn more about the value PR can bring to a business.  Thanks to Public Relations Oxford and Oxford University Innovation those running start-up and spin outs from the university were invited to Tap Social to learn about how best to manage marketing and PR for their growing companies.  The evening included a panel discussion, sharing best practice and networking, and for those attending from the PR community we’d get to understand more about what these fledgling businesses are looking for PR to deliver.

It was great to be part of the panel alongside Zoe McDougall, VP Corporate Communications at Oxford Nanopore Technologies and Gregg Bayes-Brown, Marketing & Communications Manager at Oxford University Innovation – collectively we were able to give perspective for start-ups on the basics of PR and what it can do to help support your business goals, how to run a PR/marketing campaign to secure investment, what the PR community across Oxford and Oxfordshire offers the start-up hub here, and what the generic needs are for start-ups that PR can help with.

Oxford is a real hub when it comes to marketing & PR and there is a huge amount of innovation and R&D that is going on across Oxford and the region – so was great to be part of that and for both sides to find out more how we can work together better for mutual benefit.

Looking forward to the next event!