25th August 2020

Agility is your greatest PR asset 

Project plus

Agility has never been as important to business as it is now. Change is a constant in all areas of life, but the speed of change has clearly accelerated over recent weeks and months. Whether its adapting to new ways of working, increasing employee engagement, reduced headcount or decreasing budgets, the accelerated effects of the pandemic has presented businesses with new challenges to navigate. 

Across the PR industry we are seeing these pressures change the shape of the industry – as comms teams work to do more (particularly as PR has become more important to many businesses during recent months) with less budget and people. It is a sign of the times that we are seeing an increasing shift towards campaign and project work as the pandemic plays out and uncertainty is the only guarantee. 

Responding to the changing needs of our clients’ business, we have launched a new project offering – CubanEight Project +. This allows clients to outsource their immediate needs to an expert, agile and responsive team who understand the pressures you are facing and can proactively deliver a solution. From copywriting to launch announcements, social media and strategic media relations, we are helping clients get the results they need in the short-term. 

We understand that comms teams are operating with leaner resources, reduced headcount or furloughed staff and that internal resources are stretched, however there is still pressure on businesses to deliver more than everAs an external resource, we are equipped to move campaigns and goals forward and free up backlogs. 

We have worked this way recently for several clients who have turned to us with short-term requests to support business critical need – from a media launch for a fit-for-purpose internal communications app for frontline employee engagement, to writing a number of award entries that the communications team did not have bandwidth for.  

Taking an agile approach to PR has always been in our DNAClients are operating in an altered business landscape and that has extended to how the media works too – we help clients to navigate this The team has a strong base of media relations knowledge and relationships, combined with our industry insightmeaning we can quickly adapt communications strategies to continue to get results, even across a short space of time, or on a project basis. 

If youd like to discuss how CubanEight Project + can support your comms needs please don’t hesitate to get in to get in touch.