18th May 2017

Rough Runner 2017 – we smashed it!

On Saturday, we – a team of six eager ‘CubanEighters’ – descended on the Great Tew Estate, in deepest Oxfordshire, ready to start Rough Runner! This year we decided to enter to raise money to support Oxford Children’s Hospital’s 10th Anniversary Appeal, our chosen charity for 2017, so we were all in great spirits. Resplendent in our bright green t-shirts, there was little chance of us not being spotted by friends and relatives around the course.

For those of you who are not familiar with Rough Runner, it is a 10km challenge that combines distance running with a variety of inflatable and water-based obstacles. Not to mention hills. Lots of them!

Keen to cross the starting line early, we opted for a 9.30am start. The sun was nowhere to be seen and as we warmed up with the clouds looming overhead, we began to wonder whether the early wave was such a good idea!

Under starters’ orders we eventually made our way through the knee-deep muddy lake and through (and over) the tyres where any hopes we had of keeping dry were soon shattered. Along the course we encountered zip wires, ramps, ropes, balance bars, inflatable balancing balls, sweeper arms, the ‘Big Tipper’, a 40m water slide and – just when we thought our weary limbs wouldn’t carry us any further – the legendary Travelator.  Oh, and a lot of steep hills (did I mention those?!).

With a mixture of sheer determination, team spirit and resilience (with many of us conquering fears we never knew we had) we helped each other over, under and through the variety of obstacles and water. By the end of the 10km we were all soaked, muddy, bruised, battered and seriously fatigued, with many of us vowing never to register for a Rough Runner again!

However, as we reached the top of the Travelator, slid down into for our final water dunking and crossed the finish line, we were greeted with news that we had smashed our fundraising target for our charity! We all felt an enormous sense of achievement for our efforts so it was all worth it!

Back in the office this week, we have enjoyed recounting the events of the day to the rest of the team. We’ve had a good laugh at the trials and tribulations of the various obstacles whilst comparing various bruises and injuries (purely for heroic effect). At the time of writing this, we are delighted to announce that we have raised £1,070 for our chosen charity and we would like to thank all our friends, family and supporters who have made this possible.

For those who would still like to donate, it is not too late: www.justgiving.com/fundraising/CubanEight.

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