27th June 2017

Smart Living

In my last blog, I looked at what everyday technologies can be installed to make a smart home. Those of you that read the post will know I was expecting to take delivery of an electric car, a Nissan Leaf, in March. For me, this is the first time I have ventured into buying a brand-new vehicle – it really came down to wanting something reliable with no need for annual MOTs. You may then ask why I went for an electric car that can only drive 120 miles on one charge! For those of you that might be considering turning to an electric vehicle, here are a few considerations:

Saving the pounds as well as the pence

Electricity is a minimal cost versus petrol; a full ‘tank’ of electric costs £2-3 and will last for 100 miles. In comparison, a petrol car would cost £15 over the same distance. I’ve found I save around £150-£200 a month since having an electric – enough to pay for the car itself. Add to this that a new car won’t need MOTs and electrics have minimal servicing, and it appears to be one of the cheapest ways to commute.

Charging facilities

Consider your daily driving routes – do you drive more than 100 miles in one day? My commute is a 40-mile round trip, so I can get away with only really needing to charge the car at home or at the occasional train station car park. Although saying that, I have had one instance where a diversion meant being five miles from home with only seven miles in the ‘tank’! Range anxiety truly kicked in!

If you’re travelling further afield then consider where you can charge. A great option for this is the ZapMap app which locates over 12,000 charging points. It also directs you to the relevant charge type for your car. One issue with the electric charging market is an inconsistency with charging types with Tesla, Nissan and Renault all using different sockets.

Green – guilt free driving!

With zero emissions, I can drive guilt free! Many people think a green car will be slow but testing proves otherwise! I often get asked ‘can you overtake?’, ‘what is the power like?’. Well, with no gears to change, the cars have instant torque, making for a nippier car that is more than capable of reaching 60mph and overtaking when needed.

Would I ever go back to a petrol? I can’t say I would, purely from a cost-saving perspective. The car was purchased as the second car in our house and is ideal, although I’m still not convinced it could be the only vehicle we use. When I need to visit family over 110 miles away, I wouldn’t make it on one charge so often take our other car to avoid stopping to charge. Saying that, I understand the new Nissan Leaf will be making its way to showrooms next year with an extended range of over 200 miles. Will this be enough for you to join the electric revolution?

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