15th September 2020

Global email intelligence platform SparkPost appoints us for UK PR

SparkPost, the world’s largest email delivery and analytics engine that delivers nearly 40 percent of the world’s email, has appointed us to increase its profile in the UK.

We have been briefed to drive an effective, dynamic, and measurable PR campaign to build market leadership position, engage with target vertical sectors and increase share of voice in the UK.

SparkPost’s analytics cover 90 percent of the world’s email footprint, giving companies deep insight into email deliverability and engagement analytics.

Companies including Zillow, The New York Times, Booking.com, Adobe, Rakuten, and Zynga use SparkPost’s engine for their email communications, significantly increasing their email marketing performance.

Sam Holding, Head of International at SparkPost said, “We were looking for a PR partner that would help increase our profile in the UK and build on the successes that we have already secured. SparkPost is a recognised market leader and we wanted the campaign to amplify our expertise and insight, sharing best practice with marketers.

“CubanEight demonstrated a true understanding of our customers and the key issues that SparkPost solves, combined with an excellent media strategy.  The CubanEight team has a track record of successfully building company profiles as they expand into key regions, and we look forward to working with them as we do the same in the UK.”

SparkPost is a great fit with the type pf companies we work with – market leaders, looking to build a UK presence. The campaign will build SparkPost’s brand and showcase its depth of knowledge and expertise when it comes to effective email marketing management.