Game on for tackling gender equality?

With seemingly every Tom, Dick and Harry (or should that be Harriet?) jumping on the media bandwagon for this year’s International Women’s Day, there were some particularly interesting reads in the FT’s Women in Technology supplement on ways to tackle the gender gap in the technology sector. After-school coding clubs, cyber security competitions and video […]

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GDPR - Credit CBRonline

Walking the long road to GDPR

For a lot of our clients in the marketing tech space, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which comes into effect in May 2018, is a real priority right now; the implications for them and the industry promise to be significant and far-reaching. This wide-ranging regulation will seek to improve and simplify data protection for […]

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Image Credit: Amazon Echo Look

Big Sister watching you…? We look at the new Echo Look

*image credit: Amazon Echo Look  With an estimated 4 billion selfies already floating around our digital world, news of a new device capable of taking full-length photos or short videos so people can get a 360-degree view of themselves should appeal to the fashion-conscious social media user. Amazon has unveiled its latest innovation – Echo […]

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When a feminist issue became a commercial issue – how leaving women out of the tech is not just patronising, but bad business sense!

If you’re already in the tech industry, the subject of “women in tech” is undoubtedly a familiar one. The existence of such a phrase incites reactions similar to the phrase “women in business”, with a divide between those that resent the need for this sub group, and those that champion the spotlighting of a niche […]

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