14th May 2014

The CubanEight Water Cooler – April 2014

Our favourite PR examples of the month

 There have been some great PR campaigns recently which have captured human interest as well as embodying the brand values. From celebs who just really are too cool for school, to clever responsive PR and well thought-out research, here’s our pick of the month.

It’s all in a name
Netmums utilised its huge database of mums in a poll to reveal medieval baby names are making a comeback.

From the most popular time to pick the baby’s name to cultural influences, the Netmums survey reveals that the recent popularity of Victorian baby names is being overtaken by medieval monikers such as Audley, Wyatt and Peyton for boys, and Elvina, Millicent and Kendra for girls.

This is a great example of a brand tapping into what it does best to create a genuinely interesting news story with mass appeal.


A PR-spun web made by a real hero

Spiderman 1

Actor Andrew Garfield took his role beyond the call of duty spinning basketballs instead of webs on Brixton’s basketball courts. In London to promote his new film, The Amazing Spider Man 2, Garfield donned the spandex and mask to pay a hero’s visit to children, helping local organisation Kids City, a charity providing out of school activities for young children in the area.

A very positive piece of PR that not only made these kids’ day but no doubt had an impact on the number of people seeing the film in its first few weeks of release.

There are those who live life in the slow lane, and those who live life in the fast lane…

Slow laneGetting to heart of what annoys us Brits, there’s nothing more irksome than walking behind a really slow person in a shopping centre…

The Meadowhall shopping centre in Sheffield has begun a trial for a new overtaking lane for shoppers and received some great coverage on ITV News. The light bulb moment of a ten year old girl, Chloe Nash Lowe, the shopping centre took a shine to this young girl’s idea to create a slow and fast lane to manage traffic in the centre; on peak days around 150,000 people can visit the centre, so managing the flow of people between the shops would be a welcome idea for many who find themselves frustratingly caught shuffling behind dawdlers. Some people like to browse, others are on a mission.

Netflix fulfils teen’s Twitter request and takes them to the prom

Netflix Blog 1 Netflix directed its own movie moment when it accepted a teenager’s Twitter request to take him to the junior prom. The teenager in question, Muthana Sweis- a 17 year old from Chicago- proposed the challenge of generating 1,000 Tweets in response to his Twitter request.

Not only was Muthana provided with a camera crew, but he was also offered the choice of either one of Mad Men’s Don Draper’s cars to chauffeur him to the venue.

A great personal story, Netflix’s clever marketing team combined one of the most popular shows on Netflix, Mad Men, and the biggest popularity contest in America- the prom.

Breaking Bad star helps student ask girl to the prom

Bryan CranstonMeanwhile, after bumping into Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston (as one does) student Stefan Montana thought of an ingenious way to get his date to agree to his invitation to the prom. Cranston kindly obliged to record the question on his phone, using his famous line from the hit show: “Maddie, if you don’t go to the prom with Stefan, then your best course of action would be to tread lightly.” The clip quickly went viral reflect both the public’s love of Breaking Bad and its star.