1st April 2014

The CubanEight Water Cooler – March 2014

The CubanEight Water Cooler – March 2014


This month we’ve collated a few highlights of our favourite campaigns. From Lego avatars to phenomenal fundraising, March madness has clearly given birth to creativity!

Why did the #nomakeupselfie campaign work so well?


Firstly, let’s remember that this wasn’t even Cancer Research’s own campaign. It was an organic trend that grew out of social media that the eagle-eyed marketing team latched onto and amplified with a call to action for others to get involved. So far it’s raised an incredible £8 million!


So why was this campaign so popular? While hundreds of social media marketers are busy brainstorming ways to replicate this success, its success is arguably attributed to the fact that it wasn’t the brainchild of an organisation; it was an organically-grown trend that appealed to both the vanity and the charity of snap-happy social media users. While a flurry of blog content discussing people’s motivations and the campaign’s relevance to cancer awareness continues to fuel debate over “the point of the campaign”, importantly, this was a viral trend – not a strategic campaign.

Social media users are self-aware and filter-savvy and, while many might think that the selfie is just another form of narcissism, it’s hard not to be in awe of a phenomenon which raised over £2m in 48 hours and £8 million to date.

Sometimes it’s about “PRing” yourself too:

Lego Leah


A clearly creative and bright young professional, Leah created a CV with a difference and instead of writing the standard word format CV to apply for an internship job at an advertising agency, Leah created a Lego model of herself in an interview suit, complete with detailed packaging and poster. After creating the perfect advertisement of herself in Lego form, Leah then sent images of her creations to Reddit. A very clever way to get attention from potential employers by a young bright spark!

A campaign that tackles gender stereotypes in a new way: #BanBossy

Ban Bossy

There are certain terms we use to describe an authoritative woman, and apart from terms that stem from an archaic age, like “shrew” and “nag”, “bossy” is a term that Sheryl Sandberg wants to ban. While the characteristics intimated by the adjective “bossy” are unattractive traits, it seems that women seem to be white-labelled bossy far too quickly than attributed with leadership skills.

As Jill Filipovic says in her article in the Guardian, “behind the allegations of “bossiness” – behind the hostility toward women who are seen as aggressive or self-promotional – is a regressive view of what a woman should be.”   

Stepping away from the heated debate on Twitter, online magazine SheKnows decided to ask the future generation of women what they think (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n4tYY1m28x0) and the results were eye-opening.