18th June 2013

The importance of media training

Recently I was lucky enough to attend a media training course with a client and led by Neil McNeil, an ex-presenter for BBC, SKY and now an experienced media trainer. Working in PR can be very rewarding especially when you have a great story that you know journalists will love. However, it is not just the story that can make or break the news, interviewees that can explain or put forward an interesting point of view in a clear, interesting energetic manner can really bring the piece to life.

Media trainingNeil conducts media training sessions for many of our clients so I recently went along to find out what it takes to be a great spokesperson. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and learnt a lot that I can apply when clients are faced with live broadcast interviews. It was a very practical course and my client was required to be interviewed ‘on air’ so that we could review and amend what would work best.

 A few snapshots from the session…

  • Be enthusiastic, pro-active and energetic –but not too much! All movements on TV can appear to be exaggerated so make sure you are upbeat, sat up straight but keep your hand gestures low.
  • Be prepared – interesting anecdotes examples and stories can really illustrate your response and build a picture for your audience
  • The importance of a great key message. The message should be short, make sense entirely by itself, be a strong statement that demands attention and most importantly be of interest to the audience.

To find out more about media training and how we can help develop your key messages, get in touch.