6th September 2019

The role of PR in helping tech scale-ups’ expansion into new markets

As an agency we have an extensive track record of working with tech companies in their scale-up phases and supporting their growth ambitions – over the years we have worked with Zendesk, Outbrain, CirclePay and Wandera.

In recent years, supporting our clients’ business ambitions in Ireland and Northern Ireland has increasingly become a key part of campaigns. Both Dublin and Belfast are technology hubs – due to investment & regeneration schemes to attract global tech businesses, government support and the available talent there.

The focus for these PR campaigns can often be to increase brand awareness in the market, drive sales or increasingly to help them recruit skilled technicians and leaders for their businesses.

Gearing-up growth with government support

Scale-ups have been taking advantage of the access to government support from bodies such as Enterprise Ireland and Invest Northern Ireland, for instance the former works with early-stage tech companies from pre-seed to Series A and beyond.

Most recently our client Chargifi, a provider of cloud-connected wireless charging technology, announced a £3.6m investment in a new technology and business development hub in Belfast. Chargifi’s decision to set up its technology and business development hub in Northern Ireland was influenced by the availability of high-quality talent, particularly software engineers, as well as the support offered by Invest Northern Ireland, a body which provides investment to scale-ups.

Springboard for European expansion

Another client Signifyd, a Silicon Valley tech firm marked the start of its European expansion with the opening of its European research and innovation hub in Belfast in November 2018. Signifyd was drawn to Belfast due to its engineering-centric culture and part of our PR remit has been to support their recruitment drive to find the talent to propel the business forward.

This has involved placing editorial in core tech publications as well as securing interviews for our client with national media including the Belfast Telegraph. Messaging has also been key in positioning Signifyd as an innovative and forward-thinking company to appeal to potential recruits.

Don’t underestimate the value of meeting media

As with any media campaign in a new territory it is essential to build relationships with the key media and to give them the local business story, as well as communicating why that market matters to the business as part of the bigger picture.  Park Place Technologies is a global tech giant specialising in data centre management and opened its EMEA Operations Centre in Cork last November.  Due to Park Place’s growth trajectory, it has had to move offices in Cork after just 7 months and is set to reach its commitment to recruiting 70 staff within 12 months.  As part of our comms plan we have set up a face-to-face media tour for Park Place’s Managing Director EMEA with some of the most influential tech journalists in Ireland to talk about the company’s future growth plans in the market.  Results to come…

Supporting the business ambitions of our clients is how we build our campaigns at CubanEight and building their presence into new markets remains top of the list of priorities – and with the increasing appeal of Ireland and Northern Ireland we are set to continue to support that.

If you’re interested in hearing more about how businesses can grow through creative brand, tech and marketing strategies, why not come along to this Scale or Fail event on 16th September? Or do get in touch if you would like to discuss how CubanEight can help build a communications strategy to support your growth ambitions.