10th July 2013

The Social Network – Business or Pleasure?

LinkedIn FacebookIt was reported last week in The Drum that Possible’s Global CEO Shane Atchison believes that LinkedIn is the social network to watch, not Facebook. Atchison believes people are “more likely to be honest about their profiles on LinkedIn than on Facebook, because it’s closely tied to their careers”.

Of course,  it’s certainly true that LinkedIn has snowballed in the last few years – a quick straw poll deduced everyone that I know uses it ; with engagement ranging from several times daily check in’s, perfunctory weekly check in’s to those that make the odd, sporadic ‘ I suppose I must’ visit.

To the Facebook corner.  For me, it remains as popular as ever, albeit in a love/ hate fashion. Facebook is like an old friend, sometimes you love it and sometimes you just need a break.  This, we are reliably informed is what is known as ‘Facebook fatigue’. But we always go back to it. And this true of all ages and gender. I suspect that we all use Facebook to step out for a moment and see the world, within our time poor environments. It’s visual, humorous and often thought provoking.

From a company and brand marketing perspective, LinkedIn is a jewel in the crown, and a serious one at that. LinkedIn means business and we all go there to do it. Marketers have a great commercial opportunity to exploit their brand or company within this business mecca to a highly captive audience. But this approach simply doesn’t work with Facebook. We all know how we feel about ‘sponsored’ posts.

The fact is – there is room for both. But I won’t be checking LinkedIn in my downtime any time soon. It just isn’t the same.