21st September 2020

Why industry knowledge is the secret weapon of good PR

Sometimes we hear it suggested that AI is going to take over the world. That robots will be doing all off our work in a few years time and that automation is the future. While there are clearly benefits of technology, when it comes to PR, the magic happens when we combine automation with the human element. 

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, industry knowledge is the secret weapon of good PR. Knowing and understanding what your audience is interesting in, what they are struggling with and what they want to know about is the key to a successful PR campaign.

To do that you need to get under the skin of the industry, to understand market trends, hot topics and the competitive landscape. A good PR team will become fully immersed in the needs, wants and issues that the target audience is facing. This comes through deep research, consuming relevant media, reading industry reports and talking to the right influencers and thought leaders in the space. 

Industry knowledge becomes central to campaigns, allowing us to tap into trends, place brands in the bigger picture, become advocates and translate messaging to a wider audience. 

This level of insight is important at any time, but especially now when the media landscape is changing so fast. Not only do you need a PR team who understand your sector and industry, but also one that is up to speed with the changing way the media are working, what they need in times of crisis and how to continue to serve both journalists and their audiences. 

While we might have tools to help us curate and consume information, this industry knowledge only comes with experience, and the human touch. We love technology for making our lives easier, but we must not forget the power of lived experience and insight.