1st March 2018

Wi-Fi, wireless and going retro: Three key trends from Mobile World Congress

As well as being one of the major industry events across the globe, Mobile World Congress (MWC) is a key event for many of our clients. The trends that emerge from the event frequently dictate how innovation is going to manifest over the rest of the year and beyond. As we look back on the technology that emerged from 2018’s MWC, here are our three key trends from the show.


There were a plethora of innovations to choose from on mobile and tech advancement front but, in our view, the story of the conference has been Wi-Fi.

MWC 2018 has seen dozens of 5G-related announcements, spanning devices, modems and even radios. 5G is promising to change people’s lives with super-fast wireless mobile connection. In fact one of the biggest players at this year’s conference, Intel is already working with Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Microsoft to bring 5G connectivity to Windows PCs. Could this be the answer to bandwidth gap? Very possibly.


Another massive trend at MWC was the continued development of the wireless world. With all the innovative technology now available it is crazy to think that we are still so dependent on cables to enable it. 2018 is set to be the year we recognise the advantages wireless power holds. Our client Chargifi is already deploying wireless power across international hospitality, sporting and event venues.

Samsung announced that its new S9 will include wireless charging as part of its vision to supply people with ‘the innovations they want’. Outside the conference, Tesla also announced that they will launch a wireless charging pad that fits seamlessly into the Tesla Model 3 – the electric vehicle company’s first mass-market offering. Wireless is coming to our phones, our cars and beyond.


Our final of the big three is the return of retro. While launched to mixed reports, Nokia’s Banana phone which originally came to fame thanks to The Matrix speaks of people’s nostalgia, harkening back to the times of old, before smartphones really came in to their own.

Who knows what we will have accomplished by MWC 2019? We are always impressed by the continued innovation at play in the technology sector, and as The Matrix says: “we are ready to believe the unbelievable…”