Clearswift is a global software security company, headquartered in Theale, Berkshire. Clearswift offer content-aware, policy based solutions to organisations that enable them to manage and maintain no-compromise data, email and web security across all gateways and all directions.

Brief to CubanEight

To position Clearswift as a company that understands its customers’ global needs and is leading the debate about how businesses can take advantage of the collaborative and Web 2.0 tools in a safe and secure way.

Campaign strategy

The key objective for the PR campaign was to raise awareness of Clearswift as a leader in its field, and firmly position the company as taking a more positive stance in helping companies with their web and email security. In addition, Clearswift wanted to develop people’s awareness of the broader business as opposed to its most well-known product, MIMEsweeper.

Tactics / activity

CubanEight recommended a global research exercise to generate an impactful global story and have resonance in the key territories – UK, US, Germany and Australia.  The research examined both employer and employee attitudes to using social media and other Web 2.0 tools at work.

The campaign took a phased approach, starting with a report entitled ‘Web 2.0 in the Workplace’ in late April 2010 followed by the second report, ‘Generation Standby: Blurring Boundaries’, in mid-May 2010. In 2011 CubanEight conducted further global research for a report titled ‘Work Life Web’.

Crucially, considerable effort was taken in coordinating country-specific messaging and ‘talking points’ around the research. This was particularly important given the varying attitudes towards the issues under discussion in the different countries in which the campaign took place. For example, in Germany there are particular sensitivities towards privacy which needed to be borne in mind with regards to the creation of material.

Campaign outcomes

The initial campaign achieved 116 pieces of coverage in the UK, this analysis highlighted a key success in that approximately 90% of all coverage achieved around the research was ‘lead article’ coverage, with the UK seeing 95% lead article coverage.

A further 40 piece of coverage have been secured following the September 2011 research with CubanEight continuing activity with the HR media. Overall, the UK secured a podcast interview for Richard Turner, CEO of Clearswift, with The Financial Times to talk through the research report. Key media coverage was secured globally including Computing, Silicon, The Financial Review (a top tier target for the Australian team), HR Director, Management Today, CIO magazine in each of the markets and Fast Company (a key target in the US) which was syndicated widely and led to an explosion of activity on Twitter.

The quality coverage also provided, on the day of launch, a Clearswift record with the highest ever peak in web traffic to the site. In addition, a total potential viewership figure of 30 million was recorded, exceeding both PR expectations and targets, and also other tangible business goals (for web traffic, for example).