CoPilot Live

CoPilot Live is a leader in navigation apps for iPhone, Android and Windows devices. The app is available for the UK, Europe, USA, Brazil, Australia and South Africa. CoPilot offers high quality offline maps as well as clear turn-by-turn directions in  a choice of languages – with no  data roaming fees.

Brief to CubanEight

  • Position CoPilot Live as a safe, in-car navigation solution
  • Excite and engage influencers, including the blogger community, about CoPilot Live and encourage conversation
  • Support event activity such as Mobile World Congress
  • Maintain an on-going media relations programme  to include  reviews, briefings and competitions

Campaign strategy

CubanEight sought to create a sustained campaign comprising of on-going media relations using the launch of new products, consumer research and events as spikes to engage with key media and bloggers.

Tactics / activity

News and reviews – A core aspect of the campaign is the on-going relations with key media and bloggers. CubanEight has built a positive relationship with this audience by sharing news, arranging briefings for spokespeople, as well as liaising with the media to arrange product reviews

Competitions – CubanEight continues to drive brand awareness by organising competitions with core, tier 1  media  including Shortlist, Huffington Post, Geekanoids and Mobile Choice

Research – To supplement the on-going campaign CubanEight frequently suggests research campaigns that can be used to stimulate news and statistics around key messages. In 2012, this involved a UK-wide survey with YouGov to highlight new CoPilot Live sat-nav features around London’s Olympic Route Network

Events – Mobile World Congress gave us the opportunity to announce that CoPilot Live would be coming to Windows Phone 8 later in the year. As a result CubanEight approached journalists in advance of Mobile World Congress to arrange briefings in London. This strategy led to coverage being published on the first day of the conference.

On-going outreach – CubanEight keeps in regular contact with key targets; most recently Andy Robertson ‘Geekdad’ took CoPilot Live on his family trip to New Zealand. On his return he provided a video of the app being used for the website as well as sharing his thoughts in an article for Wired as well as a syndicated feature in  The Independent.

Campaign outcomes

Since the beginning of 2012, 253 pieces of positive coverage have been secured.

In the last quarter, CubanEight has achieved,

11 product reviews, with comments such as :

  • Which? – CoPilot Live is their only best buy sat nav app
  • AutoExpress – App of the Week
  • Android magazine – One of the “must have” apps to take camping
  • Practical Classics – Best Budget buy
  • The Sunday Times – Featured in App List 2013
  • iPad and iPhone User – 4 stars

Media briefings with:

  • The Sunday Times
  • Auto Express
  • Tech Radar
  • Trusted Reviews
  • MSN
  • GeekDad
  • Within the first two weeks of the new Windows Phone 8 app launching there were 50,000 downloads
  • Blogger engagement such as, Geekoid, Coolsmartphone, MacFreakish and Geekanoids

As a result of the on-going media relations activity CoPilot Live is firmly at the forefront of both bloggers and journalist’s minds when writing about navigation apps.