Building credibility in a new market & amplifying a brand voice  

CreatorIQ is the leading influencer marketing platform for global brands and agencies including Disney, Airbnb, and Ralph Lauren 

When it launched in the UK it turned to CubanEight to help build brand awareness among marketers in enterprises, educate about the potential of influencer marketing at scale and drive up enquiries, as it embarked on its European expansion. 

With the backing of Unilever CreatorIQ was on a growth trajectory and was keen to talk to brands who were marketing at scale and to position itself as an expert partner for influencer marketing.   

The PR strategy focused on building relationships for CreatorIQ with key sector and vertical media. With our customer-first approach we identified the challenges and pain points that marketers in multi-market companies face when it comes to influencer marketing, such as metrics and follower fraud. Being able to speak to these pain points was woven into the content and opinion that CreatorIQ took to market as well as utilising data and insight from CreatorIQs Influencer Marketing Hub Benchmarking report. 

We amplified CreatorIQ’s brand voice to educate and build awareness with a continuous flow of high quality, in depth content. 

Article opportunities secured with the likes of Talking Influence and Retail Sector, and opinion pieces appeared in publications marketing and communications decision makers would be reading – Digital Marketing Magazine, Modern Retail, Vuelioand Marketing Tech 

We maximised content assets beyond the PR programme: CreatorIQ ran a panel session at the Influencer Marketing Showwith key customers and the head of EMEA, to engage with audiences. We leveraged it as a content creation opportunity, with the potential to maximise CreatorIQs customers advocacy and create evergreen video content that would have impact long after the panel itself.  

Four talkingheads style interviews with the panelists were filmed following the sessionCubanEight managed the process from end to end – briefing the videographer, creating scripts, managing logistics, staffing the filming, and managing the editing process in a limited timeframe. Unique, high quality content was created which was used across CreatorIQs ongoing marketing and business development campaigns.  

CubanEight delivered a drumbeat campaign to build a position of market leadership, expertise and credibility for CreatorIQ  using European expansion news, briefings with Kam Zulawski, Head of EMEA, and awards such as the Influencer Marketing Awards and speaker platform opportunities. 

CreatorIQ won three categories in Influencer marketing Awards 2020 establishing credibility in the marketplaceThe campaign built up profile of spokespeople as experts for example Kam Zulawski was named as a top player in the industry by Talking Influence.